A Picker’s Paradise

I was warned.  My best half told me I would literally go crazy.  He was half right.

The quaint cottage is nestled amongst tall evergreens that have been there for decades.

Even with all the trees on the waterfront, the view is still spectacular.

There is a collection of ‘things’ strewn around the exterior including an adorable dog house with a fire engine red roof.  There was enough character on the exterior to whet my appetite.  Stifling the urge to stand there and ‘gawk’ at the stuff lying here and there, I followed the little path to the front door.

It was dusk and the first thing I notice is the screened porch all lit up.  It was a cornucopia of lights.  A string of hot red pepper lights lined the ceiling from end to end.

A faux palm tree with mini white lights blazed at the entrance bathing us with a wash of light.  A wooden parrot swung merrily from a perch suspended from the ceiling. I wanted to stand there and take it all in, but cheery voices interrupted my reverie inviting us in.  Darn.  I only had a taste of the décor in the entrance.  I reluctantly entered the main cottage feeling like I had to leave a bookmark outside.


Apologies were given out for the ‘disarray’.  No apologies necessary I quipped!  Apologies indeed!  This was a feast to behold.

The interior was exactly what I expected and more.  Comfortable, overstuffed, red plaid furniture, blankets, throws, quilts, and pillows adorned the sofas subliminally inviting me to sit and put my feet up.

A dizzying variety of quilts in various patterns of red and white were tossed over chair backs and sofas.

I waited a minute or two as I was in sensory overload.  I can’t recall the walls or what they were made of because of the multitude of collectibles hanging from the ceilings and walls.

Typical of me, I opened my mouth to speak before my brain engaged.  “This is a picker’s paradise!” I exclaimed while catching the mortified look on my best half’s face.  He asked me later if there was ever going to be a time when I could use some ‘filters’.  “Apparently not”, I answered back, “not at my age anyway.”

The owner did not take offense.   On the contrary, he took it as a compliment.  Relieved that I hadn’t caused the rest of our visit to be awkward, we stepped in to the living area.

Suffice to say I had a hard time concentrating on the lively conversation that evening.  My eyes kept darting from one corner to another and I am positive that it would take weeks to absorb everything collected in the cottage.  I actually loved it.  To my surprise I didn’t have the urge to re-arrange anything or to purge.  It was eclectic and fun, just the way it was.

It is a joy when I can appreciate others’ styles and tastes even if they don’t match my own.  It must be an age thing.  So my best half was right; it did drive me crazy, but in a good way.  I can’t wait to be invited back!

Disclaimer:  For obvious reasons I am unable to post real photos.  To give you the jist, I have included some reasonable facsimiles.

My favorite Parrot…the non speaking variety



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