Simply Beachy

There is something about living on a shore.

In many years past, my decorating styles and tastes ranged from country to rustic, sometimes bordering on a cluttered craft shop look to arrive these days to a more streamlined organic look.

Changing times.

Having said this, I was on a quest for the past few years for ‘something’ to adorn the wall above my (our) bed.  The look eluded me.  I couldn’t seem to lock into what would a) look good, b) look appropriate for the locale and c)  make my heart sing every time I looked at it.

Scouring the regular local haunts netted zip, nadda, nothing that ‘spoke’ to me.  I was about to give up; destined to look at the wall plug with a lone screw staring back at me.  It was driving me nuts.

One thing about my age is insomnia.  Waking up in the wee hours of the morning, I lie there trying to find something soothing to assist me in returning back to my blissful slumber.  One of those times I was staring at that blank wall above my head trying to visualize what was niggling at the back of my brain.  The rest of the room had taken on a breezy, ‘beachy’ look with monochromatic coloring for the summer and accessories that mimicked that look.  Dragging in a weathered teak table was by far a good start (even though my better half suggested staining it to bring back the teak coloring…eeeekk).

An entire winter out in the snow and elements created the ‘weathered’ look I wanted for this side table.

Convincing him that I had left the table out all winter to achieve the weathered look on purpose; I got in return a withering look; you know the ones that make you question your own sanity.  Regardless, the table sits as is and I think it looks great with the ‘newness’ cleverly removed from a winter of wind, rain and snow beating on it.

Back to my insomnia.  Dragging myself out of bed and padding to my sun-porch with my first cup of coffee, I eased myself into my favorite chair rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.  I picked up a recent copy of East Coast Living and voila!  There was my inspiration!  Almost choking on the hot coffee, I dashed into my bathroom and stretched out in front of me, behind the back/splash of my soaking tub was the beginning of what you will see in the picture.  Perfection in its lines, size, shape and color, the slab of driftwood was about to find a new home.

A perfectly flat piece of driftwood holds collectibles that reflect my life here on the shore.

Needless to say I wasted no time finding the supports to hang it (and preferably before my better half came home) so I could have the dramatic ‘reveal’.  Now to find the right combination of stuff to reflect life on a shore and to reflect that ‘beachy’ look that a friend used to describe my decorating taste.

Everything on the shelf came from a different part of the house.

A heart shape granite rock found in the shallow waters of Bras d’Or Lakes in Cape Breton nestles beside driftwood resembling a snake.

A glass float (circa 1950s) from my father-in-law’s fish nets, balances precariously atop one of my favorite reads (Anita Shreave, Seaglass). The nautical lantern is from Homesense.

Putting it together was fun and very rewarding.  This was exactly what I wanted and I was thrilled that I hadn’t settled for something less.








This look isn’t for everyone, but organic it is. And it is ‘me’ through and through.

Driftwood from my shore; faux eel-grass; an apothecary jar filled with white seaglass (a gift from my sister’s cottage life in Cable Head); and a starfish from Sanibel Island play homage to the Beachy look.


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