Planning a Party? Pleasure or Pain?

This may sound very “un-impulsive”…but when there are people and food involved a little planning can go a long way.

When:  Okay so you decide that Friday night TGIF is the order of the day.  Perfectly fine, but a plan is more important than ever.  If it is a Friday night, you can always prepare some menu items ahead.  There are literally tons of appetizers that can be made ahead or with little prep.  I will touch on that later!

guest list

Who:  The guests you invite and the number are the first step.  Everything else hinges on these two decisions.  For example, do any of your guests have food allergies? This will determine the menu choices.  I have been invited out to dinner (same house) on several occasions and on each occasion we were served shrimp as an appetizer.  I am allergic.  What surprised me was that they never remembered this little detail.  Hubby enjoyed my appetizer…I just drank wine!

How Many:  You want to plan the menu and set the table so this is a no brainer.  (And important to know when you are shopping the wine list).

What:  The menu.  A Friday night may mean simple fare.  A Saturday night a little more flare.  Whatever you choose make it fun.  Make your list and head for the grocery store or farmer’s market.

images for stand up

It is common in my house for guests to keep me company in the kitchen!

Where:  Is it a stand-up finger food night?  Or is it a sit down in the kitchen or dining room?  Either way, you will want to plan the space.

Before you set out on your shopping quest, check your stock of candles or tea lights.  If you are a fresh flower girl and it is summer then you may have your own flowers to show off your talents with a little arrangement somewhere.


An ikebana is a great way to arrange cuttings from your shrubs and flowers and it always looks like a pro did it!  (In winter you can use evergreen cuttings, plus one or two fresh flowers from the grocery store…inexpensive and lovely).

So you have a basic plan and the guest list.  Proceed to the next step….  The Menu!


The fun part!


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