Travel Itch

I am not a traveler.  I spent too many working hours in airports/airplanes/hotels/conference rooms over the years and the residual effect is – traveling really doesn’t excite me much.

BUT:  This winter with sub-zero weather has taken its toll.  My husband and I, like our fine feathered friends are planning an exodus south.  It is long overdue and the past few years presented plenty of other distractions that took up our time and limited energy.

But where to go?  After countless hours on the internet we decided to revisit one of our cubafavorite destinations.  Cuba it is.  Now why Cuba?  Until you have been there, it is hard to explain what has taken us back many times.

I have added another category to my blog…a travel category entitled ‘My Travels”.  This will add a little zest to the whole experience and hopefully re-train my brain to relish travel in a totally different way.  I have a new notebook at ready and reading glasses, so there will be no excuses.  It means though, my travels could take me anywhere, but I have given myself permission to capture it all in writing instead of the usual data stick of photographs that seldom ever see the light of day.

So stay tuned.  My next blog entry in the travel category will uncover all that is wonderful about Cuba.  It will be totally from my perspective and I reserve the right to embellish; brag; or skip any details I choose.  (There may even be a hint of decorating and dining all combined in this one!)  What I will NOT do is write a blog entry that sounds like Tripadvisor.

The only thing I wasn’t excited about was the Cholera outbreak recently as a result of hurricane Sandy.  I really do not want to spend my vacation in the bathroom (or worse, in a hospital on an IV), so I dutifully gagged down the Dukerol that our GP recommended.  Yuk!

sand toes in cuba

I can feel the sand between my toes already!

I have the suitcases out.  I have the sunscreen and beach attire ready…and really what else is there?  Apparently I have forgotten all the ‘little things’ necessary for a vacation in the Caribbean.  I feel another ‘list’ coming!


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