Chapter 2: Cuban Crickets or Cockroachs

I have never encountered a bug of any kind in our room(s) in Cuba over the years.  So needless to say when I heard my husband’s expletive coming from behind the louvered door which separates the ‘toilet’ from the rest of the bathroom, I was curious.

We had just arrived in the room when of course it is human to need the ‘loo’ after the drive from the airport etc.  I was afraid to ask (fearing the answer) what he was so alarmed about.  But I did.  His answer was quick, “There’s a (bleep) cockroach in the bathroom!”  “WHAT!?”…was all I could manage for a response.  He repeated.  O.M.G.!  I have never, ever seen a cockroach in real life, so I was relying on his expert (cough) opinion on these matters.

I went in to see it firsthand.  Sure enough, above the ‘loo’ door perched on the doorframe was the largest ‘bug’ I have ever seen.  Actually I am lying…our June bugs are just as big.  Husband, my fearless warrior went in search of something to ‘whack’ it with.  He found a magazine (my beautiful Coastal Living magazine I purchased in the airport) and without a moment’s hesitation gave it a firm whack.  It was huge indeed.  But…we were still not sure what it was.  He said maybe it was a cricket…there are hundreds of crickets on the resort.  But I know what a cricket looks like.  Nope, not a cricket.  So what was it??  Neither of us thought to put it in a ziploc and deliver it to the front desk.  We were too pooped to think of that.  So it was flushed…down the chemical smelling loo. Even in the heat, I shivered!

The jury is still out on this. But for the remainder of our vacation I checked our room out on a daily basis with the precision of an FBI agent searching for ‘bugs’ (pun intended).


Swans towel art

Two lovely swans sporting a local flower and a thank you note from our maid.

What Cubans lack in amenities, they make up for in entertainment.  If you tip the maid, there is not a lot she can do for you in return other than clean your room.  Sometimes they forget the obvious (like leaving toilet tissue in the bathroom), or replenishing the coffee.  But since they all understand basic English and can read it as well, all it takes is a little note (with a peso or two) and voila, the next day you will have it. And every now and then to show her appreciation, she will leave the famous ‘towel art’ on your bed.

towel art2

Towel Art or Unexpected Guest?

Our maid had a sense of humor.Near the end of our stay, upon returning to our room in the evening after a long hot day on the beach we opened the door to a darkened room (intentional I expect) with the blinds drawn completely shut. We turned the lights on to see.  Again, I heard my husband exclaim “Good God!”  And then, nothing…so I peeked over his shoulder to see what in heaven’s name it was… this time.  Sitting on the bed, looking much like a person was ‘towel art’ like no other.  Laughing (in relief), we took pictures of this creature sculpted with towels, sneakers, and a neck pillow.  I am sure our maid was nearby giggling and silently saying, “Gotcha!”


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