Chapter 6: For The Grace of God…Go I

Time to Go: 

rainy day

Abandoned beach chairs under a dark sky

The last day of our vacation began with dark heavy clouds, misty intermittent rain and a day spent reluctantly lounging by the pool. A partially overcast sky and small downpours drove the ‘beach goers’ to the pool area.  These downpours happen quickly, turning the bright sunny sand into a tan colored mush.  Mimosa’s flowed freely as the tourists lounged around waiting for the wind to change.  The resort responded quickly and vendors set up their wares at poolside to capitalize on weary, bored travelers.  We were entertained by (yet another) fashion show and lots of entertainment for those who choose to participate.  Scantily clad models paraded barefoot amongst the poolside dwellers showing off the local’s handcrafted crocheted dresses and cover-ups.  A loud speaker (and I mean loud) prompted applause and encouraged the men to “open their wallets” to purchase the ‘sexy’ clothing for their wives! I had a hard time focusing on my book with the last vestiges of my vacation slowly ticking away with the clock.  With the humid air, sun, seawater, chlorine and sand in my hair, a visit to the resort hair salon was in order.  We had already checked out of our room, so it made sense.  To add to the pampering it was air conditioned and quiet.  I eased back in a chair and scribbled furiously in my little notebook wanting to remember every little detail.

I was almost finished when the door to the salon burst open and a 50’ish gentleman clearly rattled and with eyes bulging out of his head breathlessly tells his story to his wife, who like me is taking a moment for some final pampering.

His Story

red flaged

Beach red flagged with high surf conditions

Two men drowned at the resort next to ours that morning when the sea turned rough during a rain storm.  One man from Canada got into trouble in the strong undertow and another man on the beach attempted to rescue him giving up his own life in the process. It was a red flag day.

A sad day indeed and most definitely not the last memory I wanted to have of our vacation.  For the Grace of God go I…it could have been either one of us.  We silently counted our blessings. And a hush fell over an otherwise festive resort.

canada days

Oh Canada


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