Chapter 7: The Final Chapter; All things ‘me’ in Cuba


When I initially decided to use my vacation as subject matter for my blog, I had no idea what the outcome would be.  I intentionally engaged all five senses as often as possible in order to capture the complete essence of Cuba.  The end result was both surprising and delightful.  I really didn’t know ‘exactly’ why I loved Cuba so much.  I took the time to write…every day…and on my return home I noticed that in the pictures I took, the answer was right in front of me.  It is no wonder I felt like home there.

Here are some things I photographed…and in a self-indulgent way, I wrote about them and all things ‘me’ in Cuba.

heart shaped coralHeart Shaped Coral:  I found this small piece of heart shaped coral on one of our daily walks on the beach in Cuba.  It didn’t fare well on the trip home but it is still a reminder that if I look hard enough, I will always find one.  I have been collecting heart shaped rocks for years; have blogged about them many times and always search for new ones to add to my collection.

old beetle

VW – in Varadero:  I own a VW beetle and it is my pride and joy.  I dreamed of owning one most of my life.  When I retired, this was my retirement gift …to me.  It wasn’t a surprise to find this smart looking vehicle sitting in the shade in the tiny town of Varadero.

DSCN1221Beach, Beach and More Beach:  The beach is my favorite place to be.  With surf crashing on the shore, it is where I energize, relax and sometimes write.  It is where I find my beloved collectables; driftwood, rocks and shells. In Cuba, I feel I am home.

Footsies in the Sand:  For whatever reason I always take pictures of my feet in the sand.  Maybe it is for proof I was actually there. Sandals, sand, sea and surf just seem to go together.footsies

Walks on the Beach:  An hour can pass very quickly walking on the beach.  Birds waddle in front of us and insist that we walk around ‘them’. We savor every moment, not unlike a walk on the beach in PEI.  On one such walk we actually saw a local being escorted off the beach in handcuffs by police – an unusual sight for sure but one that definitely raised some eyebrows!

walks on the beach

sailboatSailboats and Boats:  We are boaters so it is noDSCN1247t uncommon for our attention to be snagged by a passing (or beached) sailboat or motor craft.  Sailboats are so picturesque and it only seems right to snap a photo.  The motor craft cruising along the shoreline was picking up tourists for deep sea diving.

Pictures of Old Dories:  I LOVE old dories and have many, many photographs in my collection.  We were dining in the a la carte restaurant, Las Morlas and on the wall this perfectly placed painting of an old dory was displayed in all its glory.  Needless to say I couldn’t resist the temptation.Dory in Las Morlas

Ships Wheel:  I collect antique ships’ wheels.  I only have three but use them in my home to decorate in my ‘seaside’ theme.  Walking down a narrow street in Havana, I looked up to see this wheel hanging above a door.  If only I could reach it…!!ships wheel

Yellow Beach Chairs:  I have a thing for yellow -probably my favorite color.  I decorate in yellow and have yellow striped director chairs and towels on our boat.  I gravitate to chairs with this color.  When I saw this lineup of yellow beach loungers…I felt right at home!beach chairs

Horses:  It is no secret that horses are my favorite animal. I don’t have to look very far in Cuba to find a horse.  They are used to pull carriages in all the towns so they seem to be everywhere.  I can’t resist taking a picture, at the same time feeling sorry for the poor creatures in the scorching heat.horses

Beach Bar and Mimosas:  I love champagne and orange juice.  Somehow consuming a Mimosa at a restaurant/bar built right on the sand makes them taste even better. beach bar

Tropical rain:  Rain has such a soothing sound and after a rain the world looks clean and fresh.  A tropical rain in Cuba is usually warm and doesn’t last long.  I timed it…12 minutes to sunshine.  If you don’t like the weather…wait 12 minutes!

tropical rain run

Running for cover

Dining:  One of our favorite pastimes at home is dining and dinner parties.  So dining out in Cuba is a special treat as we get to sample the best they have to offer.  They are such proud people and it is all about the presentation!

dining a la carte

Seagulls:  For some reason a beach isn’t a beach without them.  It is the only time I photograph them and here in Cuba is no exception.  They are smaller than ours in Canada and much more accustomed to people.

seagulls 2

Palm Trees:  I love palm trees and use the domestic variety to decorate in my house.  Some family members tease me threatening to feed them ‘miracle gro’ and others complain that they need a compass to find their way out of the house.  Under the palm trees in Cuba…I am a happy lady!

palm trees

Canada Patriots:  We are proud Canadians and in Cuba they love Canadians.  Each time we take Canada towels with us and use them to proudly reserve our chairs on the beach.  When we leave, we conveniently ‘forget’ them, leaving a little piece of Canada behind.

Blues Band and Saxophone:  My husband and I love music.  We have our own playlists and have music for all occasions. The lobby bar in Cuba had a blues band sax over the rainbowduring our stay.  They were fantastic.  My husband’s all time favorite song is Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World”. One evening as we were relaxing in the outdoor bistro, a young man carrying a saxophone (husband’s favorite instrument) approached our table and asked if we would like him to play for us.  We happily accepted his offer and the song he played was ‘What a Wonderful World’. 

No…I don’t believe in coincidences…this was divine intervention.  Amen!


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