Turquoise Teal or is it Aqua?


Driftwood makes a perfect easel for a ceramic painting.

Spring is that time of year when I start moving things around.  Furniture, paintings, and whatever else I no longer notice because it has been in one place too long will get to show off in another part of the house.  The winter colors, once warm and cozy are put away to be replaced by bright breezy colors.  The windows are bare and it is lovely taking in the view without any impediments.  Maybe I will leave the drapes off for the summer.  No privacy issues here with just the river behind us!

The best thing about neutral colors is the changing of the accents alone can transform a room .  My bathroom has a Benjamin Moore (Coventry Grey) wall color with white bead board trim and white fixtures.  The floor is pale grey ceramic tile (COLD in the winter but thanks to in-floor heating our tender tootsies fair out okay).

towel tower

Turquoise towels in the towel tower plus a snake-like piece of driftwood for good measure!

Last Christmas, I added a splash of red – a seasonal nod to all things ‘Christmasy’.  Red berries were jammed into the driftwood along with grey bayberry.  Smelled great…looked great.  A few red towels, a red bathmat and facecloths added to the already white and grey variety completed the accents for the season.  All it took was five or ten minutes to change it out when the season was over.

This year I have come full circle.  Turquoise is a lovely seaside/beacDSCF9494hy tropical color and although I had it a few years back I could not resist the urge to resurrect it again.  Turquoise has survived the past 5 years while other colors have been kicked to the curb.  A few turquoise towels from Sears during ‘Sears Days’ were a deal at 60% off and it didn’t take many to make a statement.  I reclaimed my turquoise vanity chair from my daughter’s basement (we trade accents from time to time) and voila, I had my turquoise bathroom back!  With little effort I was able to marry my passion for the color with all things coastal. Very Miami!


the Loo is discreetly hidden behind a half wall


Recycled towels from a few years back are given a new life.

I love how our builder interpreted my vision by hiding the ‘loo’ behind a bead-board half wall. The bathroom had some design challenges with the large soaker tub that was not part of the design plan.  But with a little tweaking here and there it turned out just fine.  The porthole window is the perfect backdrop for an antique ship’s wheel that has corroded and developed teal colored rust on the metal. The lovely turquoise bath sheets with gold starfish embroidered along the edge are a few years old and originally came from Bed Bath and Beyond.


The barn bench fit perfectly below one window. The Coastal Living mag just ‘happened’ to have turquoise on its cover!

I borrowed the old barn bench from the sun porch to give it a new life and look in the bathroom.  The enamelware pitcher was a purchase from an antique shop in western PEI and is a perfect vessel for holding bouquets of wild flowers during the summer months. The mason jars are filled with seasalt and have tea lites for illumination.

Until the leaves start to fall, I will enjoy the turquoise/teal/aqua and pretend I am in a tropical paradise!


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