Poverty Beach or Panmure; What’s Your Pleasure?

There is no shortage of long sandy beaches on PEI.  The joy of living on an Island is that you are never far from one of them.  Some are secluded and virtually empty and if this is your pleasure then many locals can point you in the right direction to find one.  Others are bustling with tourists and that is okay too; we rely on the tourist trade to cushion those leaner winter months.

I prefer the beaches less crowded (and free).  I can walk for hours and not run out of beach.  I collect stuff.  It can be anything that catches my eye.  Sea glass is a favorite collector’s item, but with the popularity of the sea worn gems, there are little to find on most days.

Poverty Beach

Poverty Beach

It is early June.  Still cooler than the locals would like and with the promise of sunshine I head out to walk (keeping an open mind and keen eye).  My first stop is to Poverty Beach on the south side of the Island near Murray Harbour.  It is deserted.  It can be accessed by an overgrown lane from the dead end Poverty Beach road.  Camera in hand, I wade through long marram grass and soon realize I am indeed the only person on the vast stretch of beach.  There is a lot of sea lettuce drying at the water’s edge; leftovers of the winter debris.  It is quiet.  With barely a ripple on the water I trudge along the deep sand and before long the muscles in my legs are aching.

To my delight, the winter tides had left gigantic pieces of driftwood near the water’s edge.  They are beautiful and still laden with seaweed.  Like majestic sculptures, they lay wedged in the sand in their organic state; their trunks glassy smooth from tumbling in the ocean.  If only I had a truck to lug them home!!  But I had to be satisfied with a visit; some pictures and a few beach treasures.

A tree trunk washed ashore on Poverty Beach

A tree trunk washed ashore on Poverty Beach

heart shaped rock

My favorite beach find: A heart shaped rock!

Further down the beach, I found what I most always look for; a heart shaped rock.  Still wedged in the sand I gently nudge it out and it is a beautiful smooth grey granite rock.  I believe these rocks find me because when I happen upon them, it is always a surprise.  I whisper a thank you to the angels or Gods who are responsible for such beauty.  Not long after, I happened upon a feather lodged in the sand; maybe fallen from angels’ wings?


A feather…fallen from Angels’ wings?

Panmure Island beach

Panmure Island Beach

My next stop is Panmure Island Beach.  This long sandy beach stretccrowhes for miles on the south shore and there is a mere scattering of visitors today.  I walk for 2 hours.  For a while my only companion was a huge crow feasting on sand fleas or the like.  He didn’t like that I was following him and soon moved on.

There was a strong south wind and the surf broke on the shore the entire time.  I stop along the way to pick up small pieces of driftwood and soon my beach bag was full.

driftwood inukshuk

Driftwood resembling an inukshuk

heart shaped driftwood

Driftwood sculpted into a heart shape

Careful to avoid the area marked off for the Piping Plovers, I stayed close to the water’s edge.  The signs were posted although I did not see any of the cute little birds.  Maybe it is still too early.

piping plovers

Piping Plovers nest on the beach amongst the rocks

Welcome to my Island paradise.  I hope you enjoyed the stroll with me!!



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