All Bottled Up


A sprig of garden goodness does a centerpiece make.

It should be no surprise to you by now that I decorate with bottles.  In a rush for a dining room centerpiece, I resorted to a standby…my bottles.


Wisteria and bleeding heart

Because I favor a ‘layered’ look, the base of the centerpiece is none other than a flat piece of driftwood.  If you look carefully you might recognize it from the Christmas centerpiece that I have since discarded, saving the driftwood of course for another day; another centerpiece.


Lilac and Chives…lovely aroma for a dining table!

From my stash of amber bottles, I selected five (odd numbers are better for grouping) of different shapes and sizes.  Heading out to my flower beds I chose some lilacs, some chives that were just beginning to bud; a snip of baby petunias out of my hanging basket; a pruned sprig from my bridal wreath wisteria;  a few cuttings from my bleeding heart shrub; and voila! With the vessels full of water I was good to go.  A couple of amber glass tea-light holders and the mood is set for casual dining.

Total cost* of this centerpiece:  $0.00

(* with exception of tea lights which come in a bag of 50…so it is an inexpensive way to light up.  The glass holders were from superstore about 10 years ago at the time were 1.99 each.)


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