Feeling Collected…and Corked…

deco pic

When spring arrived I removed the kitchen curtains.  I loved the ‘openness’ and carefree look of the blank window.  I couldn’t bear to put the curtains back up.  Rather than look at the ‘bare’ window I experimented with some ‘collectibles’ to decorate the windowsill instead, keeping the view summery but for the most part, unobstructed.  These windows, behind the kitchen sink with the view of the river provide a beautiful backdrop for this collection.


A ‘demi-john’ holds a collection of wine corks

I started collecting wine corks awhile ago.  For no other reason than for the pure organic nature of them and since a lot of wine bottles are now sporting the twist off tops, I decided I might end up with a ‘vintage’ collection at some point.  I found an old jug in the basement that my husband had been given and it was ‘just the thing’ as a vessel for my collection.  With a few ‘donations’ from family and friends, it quickly filled.  Digging through the cupboard beneath the sink, I found a cheap florist flower vase to use, but it is the ‘contents’ that count!   These two containers filled with wine corks became the ‘bookends’.


The window on the right meets the left in the corner of the house with a Northwest view of the river beyond creating the perfect backdrop for this collection.


The window on the left faces Northwest and catches the late evening sun.

Initially when I placed them on the windowsill, they looked rather lonely by themselves.  I needed ‘something’ which took me in another direction altogether.  I resurrected my collection of sea glass and ‘the look’ started to take shape.  A friend donated an empty scotch bottle with a neat stopper.  It is ‘new’ but placed with the old stuff it was just the ticket.  The wine carafe that holds the sea glass is old and has a slightly greenish tint to it.  I have had it so long now I can’t remember where it came from.  A few years back I found this little glass bowl and if you look closely you will see fish etched into the glass.  I bought it at a yard sale for $1 not really knowing what I would use it for.  I half filled it with sea glass; inserted a shot glass with a tea-light and now the sea glass comes to life when it is lit.

Other candle holders with sea glass glued to the outside were gifts from an American cousin.  They are simple, yet among my favorites still.  A glass decanter was on the ‘reduced’ shelf at Winners and it was perfect.  It was made in Great Britain and is a lovely addition for $5.  A small apothecary jar holds green and white sea glass and is filled to the brim; the jar once held sea salt.  The tall bottle in the corner was a liqueur bottle I saved, simply because I liked the shape.


If you look closely (to the left) a dainty fish is embossed on the glass

Sometimes it is the simple things, once grouped together that make a great conversation piece.  The windows have symmetrical sides (and paired organs) but are totally unique. The best part of all – it was fun to create and didn’t cost much (ahem…except for the wine that provided the cork collection of course).



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