If You Want to Make God Laugh…

…Tell him what you have planned for tomorrow!!  Just when I thought I had “Fall” all to myself to explore the fields, pumpkin patches, apple orchards and to clean off the summer decks and start the process of hibernating, there were other things unplanned in store for me.


Summer deck in all its splendor. A vintage box found in my parent’s attic repurposed to hold miniature petunias sits atop a flat top lobster trap built in the early 70’s by my father-in-law. A dragon-like piece of driftwood stands guard.

Thankfully this past week or so also brought unseasonal temperatures so the windows could be open day and night. There is a point to all of this.  We had not one… but two water leaks in our house.  Both happened (or so it seemed) at the same time but who knows?  One was in the wall behind a shower on the second floor in the guest bathroom.  The other was in another guest room and was the result of a defective piece of in-floor heat pipe.

After eight years, it was needless to say both a shock and a surprise.  Our front entrance and our main floor laundry were bathed in water.

So even though redecorating (or renovations for that matter) was not even on my radar…it is now.  Each day for the past week saw an endless parade of subtrades doing their ‘thing’ in my house.  Project managers for the restoration company; plumbers; general repairmen; gyproc guys; seamfillers and the list goes on, come and go on a daily basis.  Industrial dehumidifiers and fans groaned night and day for four days straight.  I couldn’t leave and felt a little awkward with so many strangers milling about.  At one point both my bathrooms were out of commission so I had to resort to going to the basement to the small bath off our wine room.  Sheesh!  Privacy is out the window this week.

So instead of lurking around and God forbid watching them scale a 20’ ladder while cutting out chunks of gyproc, I resorted to being ‘around’ but not necessarily in their view.  I cleaned out my dressing room making space for the winter wardrobe and purging stuff that either didn’t fit anymore or whatever.  That finished, (my closet is now 80 lbs lighter), I looked around for more inspiration of what I could ‘be doing’ while the seam filler continued his patching, scraping and sanding.  I ironed for three straight hours…my better half will be pleased I am sure.  So today, outside I went – to hang out another line of clothes.  My neighbours are probably discussing whether we are the cleanest or the dirtiest people on the street.

The sun porch was on my radar today.  Fall housecleaning involves vacuuming all the little spiders that have taken up residence and are looking for a place to spend the winter as well as moving everything around so the deck furniture can come ‘in’ for the winter.  It was a challenge, even with my spatial skills that are put to the test fairly often.


My favorite room in the house. The sun porch. A handmade sign (gift from a dear friend) on the windowsill reminds me to take life’s events…simply.

Three hours later of scrubbing, dusting, vacuuming and moving furniture around, I was not only exhausted, but ready to sit and watch the beautiful evening sun go down.  A favorite decorating mag found its way to my lap and to my surprise I found a glass of red wine in my hand!

The renos are not complete yet.  Two more days of seam filling and sanding, then the painters come in.  It will be a few weeks yet.  It’s a “hurry up and wait” kind of thing.  Not a patient person by nature, I take a breath and repeat my mantra of this week; “It could have been so so much worse!”

Maybe when the work is done I will post the ‘after’ pictures as the ‘before’ are not what you would typically see in a decorating blog.  But just so you get the gist, I will post a few.


The holes are now patched and the plastic curtain with a zipper helps keep the gyproc dust from the rest of the house…well somewhat.


Like a butterfly about to break out of its cocoon…soon

As my reward for a full week of chores, I took the time to take some pictures of the silly things I decorate with and some of the treasures I have found that speak to my seaside theme.  For now I feel like a butterfly about ready to break out of the plastic cocoon that shrouds our front entrance.  The joys of an ‘open concept’ house design.  Well, it seemed like a great idea at the time!!


Vintage oars provide a backdrop for a ‘one of’ lamp from Winners. An old dory holds ‘beach finds’ of rocks and driftwood. A glass cylinder vase holds rocks from Japan (a gift from my niece).


Closeup of the old dory and its inhabitants; some of which are the heart shaped driftwood and rocks I love to collect.


My best ‘treasure’ find this summer; a rope base lamp from Wicker Emporium


The deck furniture is all tucked in for the winter…and the fall sun sets on my sun porch heaven.


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