A Weekend in the Woods

website cottage pic

Website photo of cabin

He said it would be fun; a little get-away of sorts. Spring is here and with it unseasonal cold temperatures. After a long winter I was getting anxious to fling the windows open; open the sunporch and settle in for some spring sunsets and generally spring-like weather. Not to happen. Instead if we get a double digit temperature spike, 10 degrees Celsius is balmy these days.
After a web search we found a cottage/cabin to rent on the Washadamoek Lake, part of the St John River system in NB.

path under water

Arriving at the cabin, it was a surprise to see the lane partially underwater!!

The description sounded okay although they underplayed the ‘rustic’ feel. We weren’t looking for the Hilton so anything that put a roof over our heads and a bed was fine by us. The description on the web went something like this: “The water is only steps from the deck, enjoy the sun from one of the two decks or the 75 feet of floating dock.” I didn’t expect to take them literally but they were not kidding. The water was not just steps from the deck – the Lake waters had swollen to a point where the lake MET the deck and had crept over it! The laneway to the cabin was still under water so we trekked through the woods with our ‘supplies’ and proceeded to unpack.

deck under water

Washadamoek Lake meets the deck!

me in boots

rubber boots have become part of my ‘shore ensemble’

Thanks to our rubber boots we were able to get to the cabin without much difficulty. Why we remembered to take them is still a mystery. The owners didn’t mention anything about the high water. The cabin was cold and damp so the first order of the day was to crank up the electric heat and put a log or two into the woodstove in the living area. Before long we had a roaring fire crackling in the woodstove and the sloshing of the lake’s waves against the lower deck made for a relaxing evening.


Pre-dinner cocktails; snacks; and tealights for ambience


We brought all the supplies we thought we would need and while the oven was toasting our ‘Friday night pizza’, we plopped into the chairs by the fire; put our feet up and cracked open a few bottles of libation (we had purchased earlier at Nan’s country store in Cambridge Narrows that also doubled as the local LCBO).

The satellite TV wasn’t turned on yet and the iPod dock didn’t seem to be working either. What the heck. Toasting our little ‘escape’, we giggled at how pictures and a description on a website could be so deceiving. No matter though, we had everything we needed. It was like being in the middle of nowhere as the area seemed to be only inhabited by seasonal residents. No sooner did I have this thought when I glanced out the front window to see a ‘local’ standing there gazing out at the lake from our deck. Creepy!!! He was dressed in rubber boots (much like we were); plaid shirt and ball cap. It only took two seconds for my better half to jump up and go out to meet our unexpected visitor. “A neighbor” he said…”just looking at the water depth…didn’t know anyone was here”. Yeah right! He asked my husband’s name and without missing a beat he said “Isaac Crocker”. Inside the cabin it was all I could do not to guffaw – loudly! Nosy neighbor indeed!

cozy fire

A woodstove became an integral part of our ‘cabin experience’

There was one restaurant/lounge in the village called ‘Holiday Restaurant’. We met the owners and had a ‘home cooked’ meal that they are famous for. They were down to earth, proud, hard working country folk who had over the years brought the small restaurant from a seating capacity of 12 to the present 40 seats with a lounge section. The Holiday Restaurant is a diamond in the rough and the couple is considering selling the business as it has become too busy for them.
When the weekend ended, we had experienced the ‘roughing it’ part along with the ‘once in a lifetime’ experience of having lake waters right on your doorstep. It is not something I would rush out to do again but we had a ton of laughs and spending a weekend in a cabin where nobody knows you is a mini vacation in itself.


NO kidding!


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