Home From Away: Introduction

A rocky path of Island sandstone leads you to a sandy beach.                                                                         Photo: Angie Dunn

“There’s a rhythm of life here on this Island; like a pulse, ever so subtle.” ELR  

For seventeen years, I dreamed of moving home. “Home” is an Island, and Canada’s smallest province nestled on the East Coast, in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. This book blog is about Prince Edward Island; my home. I have dedicated the content to showcase rural Prince Edward Island from my perspective alone. Born and raised in a rural community, near the little seaside town of Souris, it is totally my subjective, and personal view of life, people, and culture, in a place for which I have great affection.

Welcome to Souris!             Photo: Angie Dunn

I did not include the obvious, in other words, information you can find in a tourist guide. My aim is to take you on an adventure; to discover the things I love about this quaint little Island; through personal glimpses of century old graveyards, back roads, farms and fishing villages, and more importantly, the lives of local, everyday people. Look real close, because some of the scenes and subject matter may be in your own backyard!

Welcome to this “up close and personal” look at Prince Edward Island; where the quality of life is second to none; where people look you in the eye and say a friendly hello; or wave to you in passing; whether they know you or not. Far removed from metropolitan perpetual haste, the laid-back, unhurried pace is guaranteed to work its magic on your soul.

One of many stunning sunsets on the Montague River.                                             Photo: ELR

I had a dream. I am content. And I am, finally, ‘home from away’.


Enjoy a  stroll on a sandy shore…no shortage of these on PEI.                                 Photo: ELR


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