Christmas Is…

This year’s Christmas message is actually one I am recycling from 1996.

I came across this one written and dedicated to my children.  The inscription reads:

Dedicated to A….and G….. That they will always remember the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas, 1996

Our daughter was 16 years old and our son was 13.  I believe I stuffed this poem in scroll fashion into their stockings.  A Merry Christmas indeed!


Merry Christmas 2016

Christmas Is

Assembling the Manger, all golden and bright

Decorating the house with boughs and lights

Helping my sister trim her tree

Then chopping our own, hoping all agree.

Christmas is

Receiving cards and pictures from friends new and old

The excitement of opening them stiff from the cold

Lining them on shelves for all to see

While stuffing the special ones deep in the tree.

Christmas is

The smell of roast turkey and candles burning

The motorized ornaments slowly turning

Welcoming family and old friends alike

Excitement mounting for the wonderful night.

Christmas is

More than the exchange of gifts and toys

A time of celebration and lifelong joy

The true meaning lying there deep in your heart

A time for togetherness; never, ever being apart.

Christmas is

Tiny gestures of love; and kind words spoken

Gifts of good deeds; soothing hearts that are broken

Opening your arms to one needing a hug

Sharing laughter and cider in an old Santa mug.

Christmas is

Singing  carols with the choir on Christmas Eve Night

Classics like “The Little Drummer Boy” and “Oh Holy Night”

Memories of our own childhood flickering past

The years have flown by only too fast.

Christmas is

Watching our children sharing their love

Praying for their blessings from God above

That in their hearts they will continue sharing

Gifts of family, with good health, and tender caring.

By: ELR Christmas 1996




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